FAME Foundations Launches New Green Waters Program

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2010 by Mr. Tambay

The Fashion Accessories Manufacturers and Exporters Foundation Philippines (FAME Foundation) launched Green Waters, phase 2 of Go Green Philippines.

Go Green Philippines is a sustainable environment program that aims to revitalize the Philippine ecosystem and sustain the Philippine fashion accessories industry at the same time. Phase 1 of the project was reforestation called the Green Earth which was officially launched last October 2007. This way, FAME Foundation has planted 125,000 trees on 50 hectares of public land.

Now, Go Green Philippines is ready to launch phase 2, otherwise known as the Green Waters. It aims to create marine sanctuaries and preserve our coral reefs.

With September declared as the Month of the Ocean, Green Waters program was officially launched last September 18, 2010 on the first day of Bijoux Cebu, FAME Foundation’s fashion accessories trade show at Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa.

“The Philippine fashion accessories industry relies on our country’s vast natural resources as the raw materials for our products. While our members have always been responsible in the selection and use of natural resources in the past, we have been wanting to go beyond responsible use and start advocating responsible stewardship. Through Go Green Philippines, we now expand our responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources and to support grassroots communities connected to the resources we use. ” said Janet Chua, FAME Foundation President and Go Green Philippines Chairman.

Green Earth, the first phase of the Go Green Philippines, has been well-accepted by the international community. Most of the project’s funding came from foreign buyers who liked it very much and pledged their support when it was introduced to them. FAME Foundation is confident that the exporters’ buyers will support Green Waters just like how Green Earth was supported.
FAME Foundation will also be working with Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region VII, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Local Government Units, academic institutions, and People’s Organizations.

“Our primary purpose is to preserve the shells of our seas and oceans. We will be focusing on shells used as accessories. The marine sanctuaries we establish for these shells will be the first of its kind, as existing marine sanctuaries focus edible shells for human consumption. FAME Foundation will also be partnering with a People’s Organization for the daily maintenance of the marine sanctuaries. By partnering with People’s Organizations, we give them livelihood opportunities, basic education and skills trainings, and also teach them to responsible stewardship over nature. This way, local grassroots communities can also be benefit from our projects.” Chua explained.

Through Green Waters, Fame Foundation also advocates the preservation of the Coral Triangle, which has the world’s richest concentration of corals and sea life. It got its name because of the area’s triangular shape within the marine waters of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. Of all of these countries, the Philippines currently hosts the largest colonies of the world’s tropical shellfishes.

The launching of the Green Waters program was highlighted by the presence of the Go Green Ambassadors:
  • Go Green Ambassador for Air – Environmentalist Adrien Semblat
  • Go Green Ambassador for Fire – Model Isabelle Daza
  • Go Green Ambassador for Earth – Miss Earth 2008 Karla Paula Henry
  • Go Green Ambassador for Water – Actor Richard Gutierrez
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Screenshots! (photos courtesy of Jarlou Valenzuela)
Me, Alvin, and Mark with Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry
Solo pic with Karla Henry
Go Green Ambassador for Air Adrien Semblat handing over the symbol for light to the next generation.
Go Green Ambassador for Fire Isabelle Daza handing over her symbol. (She should have held the fire symbol instead.)
Alvin and me with Go Green Ambassador for Water - Richard Gutierrez (photo bomb behind us!)
Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia with the Go Green Ambassadors
Agnes, me and Alvin with our favorite model during the event.
Me, Alvin and Mark with Bubbles Paraiso who is with the Gutierrez brothers.
Go Green Ambassador for Earth - Karla Paula Henry
Go Green Ambassador for Water - Richard Gutierrez
With PJ Aranador, the creative designer of the show.
If your name is Mark, then you are born to be a model.
The Go Green Ambassadors during the press conference.
The Go Green Ambassadors, Governor Gwen Garcia, Ms. Janet Chua, PJ Aranador, the models and the People's Organization