Live, Love, Blog! Cebu Bloggers Society turns 7 years old!

Posted on Thursday, February 12, 2015 by Mr. Tambay

2015 marks the 7th Anniversary of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. to be celebrated at Cebu City Marriot Hotel this coming February 15, 2015.

February 14 - People, especially the ones that are so deeply in love, will definitely remember this day, because this is the so-called Valentine's Day (Yeah, you're right! You're smelling something bitter hahaha). But on this day during 2008, Cebu Bloggers Society was born. And on this year, former and current members of Cebu Bloggers Society will gather at Cebu City Marriot Hotel this coming February 15 as the group celebrates its 7th birthday! Yey!

Let me quickly share my story as a Cebu Bloggers Society Inc (or CBSi) member. I joined the group last 2011. With me just being a 1 year-old blogger, Cebu Bloggers Society was my family in the blogosphere. This is where I grew as a blogger. As my way of paying back, I became an active member and then an officer for the organization. I was part of the Corporate Affairs Committee, headed by Agnes Jimenez back then, then later on became the Head of Junior CBSi. I am also one of those people who worked some asses to make every CBSi event successful.

I'll be honest, I rarely make blog posts nowadays. But the CBSi Family is still with me even though I took a very long hiatus from blogging. To be honest, while I was making this blog post, I remembered all the bondings and gatherings we had, meetings, events, eating sessions, or even just coffee breaks and mall meet-ups. It really was fun!

7 years may have past, people may have come and go, but the bond is still strong. Politics may have arised in the middle of our journey, but we strongly fought it like a family. And even though I can't call myself a full-pledged blogger anymore, my loyalty will still be with Cebu Bloggers Society. Over the years, we stayed strong, and we can still be strong in the years to come.

P.S.: I miss the CBSi Milkshake! Hahaha!

Here are some of my moments in CBSi:

While in CBSi, I also made a name. Unfortunately, these two folks share the same fate with me hahahaha! (Photo by Geezelle Tapangan)
Photo op with owners of BigScreen Entertainment as they toured us around. Oh, the skinny days! (Photo by Jean Lim)
Election of new CBSi Officers back in 2012, the night before I flew to Manila for the JENESYS 2012 Programme held in Japan. (Photo by Ruben Licera Jr.)
Just another CBSi gathering. Big thanks to Krispy Kreme for sponsoring it! (Photo by Mark Monta)

What keeps me coming back to Metro Manila?

Posted on Saturday, November 22, 2014 by Mr. Tambay

Metro Manila - the capital of the Philippines, not just the geographic capital, but the economic and political capital as well.

Back when I was a kid, like in Elementary days, the first time I heard the word "Manila" was during class, when I first learned that the capital city of my dear country is Manila. The moment I heard it, I got  mad and said to myself "Why not Cebu? Cebu is a nice city!" From there, I started to hate Manila and never wished to go there.

Then the list of reasons why I hate it grew when I was in highschool; from concert venues of famous international artists, to selected barangays visited by these noontime shows, to the fact that the local celebrities live in there and the people of Manila are so lucky to see them on a daily basis. I thought to myself "That's it! I am never going to Manila! Manila is so unfair! They thought that they already dominated the entire country, but guess what? Cebu is better than Manila! Take that!"

Choobi Choobi opens with Solenn Heussaff

Posted on Monday, July 8, 2013 by Mr. Tambay

A new native restaurant opened its doors last July 6, 2013 and I'm pretty sure Cebuano foodies will not miss this and must give it a try.

Choobi Choobi Grand Opening last July 6, 2013.
Folks, you can now visit Choobi Choobi which is situated at the heart of Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu. Choobi Choobi is a native restaurant which offers a wide variety of Filipino dishes fits for the taste of the entire family.

Globe Community is so helpful!

Posted on Saturday, April 27, 2013 by Mr. Tambay

So I went back to being a Globe subscriber last November 2012 during the day that I got my iPhone. Been a Sun subscriber for years, I already forgot being a Globe subscriber like the hottest prepaid promos, load denominations, and all. Now that I went back, I need to go back in track. I need to be educated on the latest Globe promos and services.

Good thing Globe has this service wherein all the things that you need to know about Globe is just a click away.

Globe Community
Globe Community is the newest online hub for people to know more about Globe and its latest offerings. It is widely open for Globe and non-Globe subscribers. Here, people can share their Globe ideas, ask questions about Globe, and provide answers to unresolved problems.