Globe Community is so helpful!

Posted on Saturday, April 27, 2013 by Mr. Tambay

So I went back to being a Globe subscriber last November 2012 during the day that I got my iPhone. Been a Sun subscriber for years, I already forgot being a Globe subscriber like the hottest prepaid promos, load denominations, and all. Now that I went back, I need to go back in track. I need to be educated on the latest Globe promos and services.

Good thing Globe has this service wherein all the things that you need to know about Globe is just a click away.

Globe Community
Globe Community is the newest online hub for people to know more about Globe and its latest offerings. It is widely open for Globe and non-Globe subscribers. Here, people can share their Globe ideas, ask questions about Globe, and provide answers to unresolved problems.

What I like about this Globe Community? 2 I's for this site. First "I" is Interactive. Globe Community lets a subscriber engage with another subscriber, relaying an experience from a user to another user.

Globe Community = Interactive
The other "I" is Informative. From the word itself, Globe Community is filled with lots of useful information about Globe, its latest promos and services. In addition to that, you will also get recommended promos that are proven by other subscribers. Not to mention subscriber experiences while using Globe.

Globe Community = Informative
But there are some queries that even another Globe subscriber cannot answer. Hence, Globe created a social media help desk dubbed as "Talk 2 Globe". Subscribers only need to tweet their concerns to @talk2GLOBE and a representative will cater to your needs. This is a perfect avenue to ask help about signal loss, sudden loss of load, etc.

Now with Globe Community and @talk2GLOBE, I can now be on track with the Globe promos and services and escalate my problems to the Globe Team. Speaking of promos and services, I actually like the Go Sakto from Globe because it lets me choose my preferred prepaid promo and helps me save up load credits. Soon enough, I will be switching to a postpaid plan and I might get a Plan 1799 from Globe :)