New blog due to a very awful incident.

Posted on Monday, September 6, 2010 by Mr. Tambay

My first ever blog, Tambayan ni Mark, started at Then, it was shifted to Wordpress last June 8, 2010. After the migration, everything was almost perfect until Facebook blocked my blog due to abusive content or spamming. I was really upset because I don't remember posting an abusive post or annoying someone through spamming. I already filed my request to scrap it off. As of now, no action was performed yet.

This incident made me think of changing my blog URL or migrating back to But due to the efforts I made at Wordpress, I did not pursue those two possible options since I am starting to get use to Wordpress. So, I created another blog with Blogger (The truth is, I am not the only one who installed my Wordpress blog. It was made possible with the help of Bon2x). And on September 6, 2010, Mr. Tambay was born.

Mr. Tambay is pretty much like Tambayan ni Mark, except for the blog platform. All my interests will be posted here.

I am really hoping that everyone will appreciate Mr. Tambay just like how you guys appreciate Tambayan ni Mark. I am also praying that my firs blog will be stripped of its current status. I know everything happens for a reason, but I also believe that everyone (or everything) deserves a second chance.