Mr. Tambay = Aspiring Photoblogger

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Before I started blogging, I've always wanted to be a photographer. Yeah, I know it is a very expensive and very high dream, but that was something I really want to try. I didn't know that photography, better known as photoblogging, can also be a type of blogging when I was still starting. It was during the Cebu Blog Camp when I first heard the term.

Inspired by some photobloggers, I had to try photoblogging to experience what's it like to be a photoblogger. Now, here are some of my WORKS.

A Sad Story

Death Stick

Doorknob's Partner

On Air

Pin Galore (crappy name :D)

Press to Play

The Residue Collector

Untouchable at Work (my favorite ^_^)

Waiting in Vain

So, photobloggers out there, whatcha think? Should I go buy my own DSLR camera or should I still enroll at Photoblogging 101? Feel free to comment because it is highly encouraged! ^_^