Globe Tattoo reveals new faces of Resistance

Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

Globe Tattoo, the number 1 most preferred broadband in the country, initiates a new revolution as it grows faster, bolder and more powerful than ever. Geared with top-of-the-line innovation, Tattoo fights against uniformity, mediocrity and surpass limits with stronger bandwidth, better devices, wider scope and faster speed.

Resisting the old-school broadband model, Tattoo breaks barriers and overcomes limitations as it gives every user an out-of-the-box experience. With new and improved broadband that comes in a super sleek and stylish package, Tattoo unleashes the new face of internet technology.

Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick Brand Ambassadors: Nonito Donaire, Georgina Wilson, and Miggy Chavez
In line with its aim to resist uniformity and mediocrity, Globe Tattoo introduces its new brand ambassadors taht made noise in their own field. the current World Bantamweight Champion, Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, Chicosci lead vocalist, Miggy Chavez, and supermodel, Georgina Wilson.

The Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire packs a punch and resists limitations together with the new Tattoo

Boxing champ Nonito Donaire raises his fist in resisting mediocrity with the old broadband we are all used to. He has risen from jaggedness and aims for prominence, putting up the same stance for the number 1 most preferred broadband in the country. Globe Tattoo promises uninterrupted internet service, with strong and powerful signals at incredible speeds.

Chicosci’s Miggy Chavez resists limitations with Tattoo and pushes the bounds of connectivity with the new Tattoo
Chocosci vocalist Miggy Chavez has raised a strong following for his band with his perma-lined eyes, black swept hair, and his melodic howl. Armed with hypnotic guitar riffs, surreal lyrics, and addicting vocal styling, Miggy and the rest of Chicosci has reared a legion of head-banging cronies for their historis hit in the Philippine rock,"Vampire Social Club." With Tattoo on his side, Miggy Chavez can take his vampiric social network following to viral proportions because of reliable bandwidths for instant updates, super-sonic uploads and downloads, and non-stop interaction. Together with Tattoo, Miggy breaks through limitations as he puts his rock-cult status in the spotlight and makes his way to musical innovations, bringing the Pinoy sound to the international scene.

Georgina Wilson resists uniformity in stereotypes and prefers the more personalized service in broadband with the new Tattoo
Her multi-faceted persona has made her way into the international fashion, leaving a very distinct mark that is all her own. From the face that launched thousands of billboards, to the addition of Filipina beauty in the list of America's Next Top Model, model marvel Georgina Wilson has proved that shes is more that just a pretty face. Professionalism, personality, and panache transcend a model above all into an invading icon. Her resistance against uniformity transformed Georgina into a talk-of-the-web. Her tweets become the 1st words on anything in fashion, social graces, and elusive pursuits of the finer things in life. Her official twitter account, @iloveGEORGINA, yields to a huge social network traffic this holiday season when she asked: "What will you RESIST this 2012?" Georgina Wilson displays the face that can launch a thousand likes, hits, and followers. She's got the 4G: Grace, Glamour, intelligible Grasp, and Gorgeous face, which is what Globe Tattoo does with its new generation Superstick, 4G in a sleek and stylish package.

It is time to RESIST the undependable, and start living your lives without limitations. Tattoo challenges you to RESIST. Choose your weapon, and join the RESISTANCE now! Visit