Skecher GO Run and Prospeed SRR - Running with style

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

If you're into running, then I'm very sure you will love this!

Skechers has entered the fitness world with the integration of fitness shoe lines. And today, they are very happy to introduce 2 of their products that is best for athletic people, especially runners - Skechers GO Run and Skechers Prospeed.

Skechers GO Run

Skechers GO Run elevates the natural running experience, allowing you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while offering the additional benefit of real world protection. It has mid-foot strike technology and GO Impulse sensors that enhances sensory feedback while running. 


1. Radically Lightweight - no extra material and extra weight, which makes nothing to slow you down.
2. 360 degrees Responsive Flexibility - Skechers GO Run flexes and twists up to 360 degrees, allowing your foot to freely move around.
3. Sockless Running - the foam inside is ortholite and with integrated anti-microbial sockliner which eliminates odor and prevents slippage.
4. Roomier Forefoot - forefoot of Skechers GO Run has extra space to reduce friction and allows your toes to spread, grip and push off.
5. 4 mm Heel Drop - with Skechers GO Run, your heel drops 66% closer to the ground compared to traditional running shoes.

Skechers GO Run for Men

Skechers Go Run for Women
Aside from its features, it can also be a stylish shoe that you can wear anytime.

Skechers Prospeed SRR

For people whose life is devoted to running, Sheckers has a perfect shoe for you - Skechers Prospeed SRR

The ProSpeed SRR features the patented Smart Shoe™ Technology, the rocker-bottom that guides runners into mid-foot strike position. This mid-foot strike design transforms the energy of impact, through the Kinetic Return System, into forward motion with every stride.

The Skechers ProSpeed SRR is also lightweight due to the Resalyte™ cushioning with memory retention that reduces impact for a supported, comfortable ride during runs. Each ProSpeed comes in just under 10 oz. per shoe depending on the size.

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