Flawless just touched my skin!

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

If you guys don't know yet, I'm actually the type of guy who is not so vain in terms of caring for my face. I don't really apply those fancy products that can make your skin white, prevents pimples, and reduces oil. Just give me soap and water for my face, and I'm ready to go outside.

A look at the new Flawless SM City Cebu Northwing.

And just when the right moment came, wherein some of the Cebu Bloggers were given an opportunity to try the services of Flawless in SM City Cebu Northwing, whose clinic just got renovated and went back into its operation last July 31, 2012. Since I haven't experienced the feeling of the facial treatment, I gave it a try.

Doctor's corner.

Me and my co-CBSi mate, Mark Gallardo, who is in replacement of my CBSi mom, Xerxes Bernadez, came to the clinic at 7 PM, which is an hour late from our schedule which was 6 PM. If you ask why, then blame it to the traffic. Despite being late, we were still accommodated by the Flawless staff, and they really treated us like kings. We should have arrived earlier for the free consultation from a doctor, too bad we missed it. :(

Waxing area, for those who think they are brave enough to face the quick peeling :D

If you think you're fat, like me, then you will surely love this thing!

After a short yet overwhelming tour, we were introduced to our respective aesthetician who will take care of our treatment. Mine's name was Pinky, and she found out that I have an oily face which she informed me on what treatment she will give to me.

Pinky trying to revive my face. LOL
While the treatment was on going, I had fun talking with Pinky. She really didn't make me sleep which I what I like whenever I will get a treatment like this, because I want to know what were the processes that Pinky did to my face.

Before I underwent facial treatment, I heard from my friends that the painful part of it is the pricking part, wherein the aesthetician will literally prick your blackheads. I am kinda scared for this part. Pinky tried to scare away my fear but she didn't managed to eliminate it. Then I realized that it was not really that painful at all. Somehow, I tend to hold my breathe for a bit, but I manage to relax while Pinky is getting rid of the blackheads. She even told me that she had fun pricking it!

After the facial treatment, Flawless was really kind to give us kits so that we, especially me, can practice caring for our faces. Now that I made my leap in caring for my face, wish I can sustain it. Thanks Flawless for touching my skin!