New Official Status

Posted on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

December 1, 2012 - I will never forget this day. I dressed formally, but decided to wear black pants to add youth to my attire, brought along my family, and went straight ahead to White Gold House. There I met my pals from college, all dressed in a corporate attire. They asked for my help because they don't know how to do the tie. Then the event started, and went home tired but with smile in the face.

My outfit during the "event"
It was the date that we waited after we took the ECE Licensure Examination last October 20-21, 2012. After knowing that I passed the board exam, I kept on thinking what would really happen if the oath-taking ceremony comes. And on that date, December 1, 2012, was the ECE Oath-taking Ceremony. And that date was the start of my new status, an Official Electronics Engineer.

Certified Electronics Engineer
According to RA 9292, which is also known as the Electronics Engineering Law of 2004 (the law that empowers us ECEs), a person can be a certified Electronics Engineer if he pass the ECE Licensure Examination and can practice after taking an oath. So with this, I can now practice the ECE profession and I now have my license.

The Symbol.
Before the board exam, I was really doubting myself. I kept on asking if my preparation was long enough to pass the board exams. So, me and my classmates doubled our efforts: overnight studying, lining at dawn for the E-Reviews, extensive research for some terms, memorizing hundreds of formulas, and countless theories.

"Engineers" We love how it sounds!
And thank God, my efforts were rewarded. And on this day, December 1, 2012, I pledged in front y many people to uphold the integrity and dignity of being an Electronics Engineer. I promised to practice the profession with honor and pride and not to put it in jeopardy nor use it in shameful acts. I seriously worked hard for this so there is no way I will let it be revoked. I have reaped what I sow, and this fruit of my labor is not edible nor perishable, but it is something unforgettable.

Mark Anthony J. Razonable, ECE
And personally, I would like to thank the people who helped me in my quest for the ECE License. To my family, who gave me undying support since birth. To my classmates, who shared with me the struggles and sacrifices when we were still preparing for the board exam, to my Elite Debate Society family, for giving me a very peculiar motivation, to Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., for showing to me that you really got my back, to Excel Review Center, for helping me create my foundation and structuring my pillar of success, and to my friends in general, for cheering me up everytime I doubt myself.

My proud family. We're incomplete though :(
To the future Electronics Engineers, strive hard, but remember, board exams will never measure the intellect of a certain person. You may have aced the board exams, but it doesn't mean you are already the best engineer among all.