Me with my copy of Blogging from Home

Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2010 by Mr. Tambay

According to my calculations, it has already been three months since I became a blogger. So many things already happened from the creation of my blog to gaining more blogger friends. One of them is when I already bought a copy of Blogging From Home Book by Janette Toral.

Here's the story how I got my book:
One an ordinary, but turned to special, day at the SSG(Supreme Student Government) Office, Kevin Ray Chua is preparing a copy of Blogging From Home book to be picked up by the buyer, Vernon Go. Out of curiosity, I read the book since Vernon was not yet around. As I take a tour of the book, I read some interesting topics. As I was having fun reading it, Vernon arrived, so I gave the book. I was attracted by the book so I told Kevin that I will buy one. After a long negotiation, I finally had my own copy at the price of Php 350.

During my vacant time, I always read the book. I even forgot my quizzes because I had fun reading the book. Good thing I managed to pass the quiz even without studying! :-D I found lots of tips, dos and don'ts, and helpful links.

Below is my picture holding my copy of the book. I congratulate Janette Toral for the success of her book. Kudos and Two Thumbs Up!
Photo Credits: Kevin Ray Chua