The CD-R Kings!!!

Posted on Monday, October 11, 2010 by Mr. Tambay

This is not your typical computer accessories store, its a TRIO group that are all (ehem) HANDSOME, GOOD-LOOKING (isn't this redundant? handsome and good-looking... ahehehe), INTELLIGENT, and not to mention, HUMBLE (That's all I can say, although there is too many words best describe this group, we'll stick to the HUMBLE thing.. ahehe)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the CD-R Kings:

CD-R Kings: Chua, Dalion, Razonable

CD-R Kings is composed of Kevin Ray Chua, Alvin Dalion, and me(Mark Anthony Razonable). CD-R Kings got its name from the first letters of our last names. Friendship inside CD-R Kings' perimeter has not, cannot, and will not perish.

It all started during the campaign period. We are all supporters of the Liberal Party, particularly, Noynoy Aquino. Since then, our friendship grew.

Through them, I found the definition of true friendship, the thing that I did not find from my classmates (well, not all...). I am really thankful that I found true friends like them. We share each others problems and struggles. Whenever one of us has a problem, The rest is sure to be on his side to give comfort. Sometimes, we share common interest and sometimes, we differ in likes and dislikes, but still, we accept each other for who he is.

Here are some of the adventures of the CD-R Kings:

During the Rock the Vote: Road Trip to Change Cebu last May 3. CD-R Kings is one of the active volunteers.

Present during Alan's birthday treat.

The day the name "CD-R Kings" was created.

Wacky time... :P

This was my blow-out that time...

Active during the campaign, and post-campaign days...

CD-R Kings inside the CIT University School Bus

Like I said, I am blessed to have Kevin and Alvin as my true friends, and I promise, I will forever treasure our friendship and will carry it when the time comes that I will be placed 6 feet under the ground. To Kevin and Alvin, thank you!

Photos courtesy of Benjie Belotindos, Kevin Ray Chua and BJ Peter Iligan