Thank You CBSi!

Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Cebu Bloggers Society, Incorporated - a very successful organization of Cebu-based bloggers. At first, I thought being a member in this prestigious society is a piece of cake, but I thought wrong. Days after I created my first-ever blog and wrote my first-ever blog post, I sent an application to become a member. I did not noticed that your blog must be at least 3 months old and it has a post that promotes Cebu. Foolish of me failing to notice it.
I first saw the camaraderie of CBSi when I attended the 1st Cebu Blog Camp last May 2010. I was with my friends, namely Bon2x, Roxanne, and Kevin Ray (who's also a CBS Member). During that time, I met lots of CBS members and we became friends with them.

The first time I met CBS members. CBS members Mark (leftmost) and Kevin (third from the left)
I got easily close with the founder of CBSi, Mark Monta, since he also study at CIT University as an IT student. Mark taught me some techniques for better blogging. Soon, I also met other CBS friends and no doubt, they are very friendly!

CBSi members Jaysee and Kai at the HobCon 2010 event. :)
Apart from the new friends that I met, I also discovered some of my friends are CBSi members. Aika and Jim, who are my friends since 1st year College because of YFC, welcomed my to the blogosphere just like how they welcomed me to the YFC community.

During the CBSi Christmas Gift Giving at Duljo Fatima. with CBSi members Aika(leftmost), Agnes(beside me), Bjorn, Mark Monta and a good friend of mine, Guian
Sometimes, CBSi invited me to some CBSi events, just like the CBSi Christmas Gift Giving at Duljo, Fatima. But since I wasn't a CBSi member that time, there were some events that are very exclusive to CBSi members only. As much as they want to invite me, I must decline it because of I want to maintain the integrity of the group.

A surprise arrived at my e-mail, when the President of CBSi, Vernon Go, sent me an e-mail telling me that there will be a CBSi Meet-up for New Members. My eyes opened wide after reading the words "NEW MEMBERS". I attended the meet-up at Ayala Grass Land.

But the most wonderful part happened during Sinulog 2011. According to Vernon during the last meet-up, there is an annual membership fee of Php 500, 50% discount is given to students. Since I am still a student, I just need to pay Php 250. It was Sinulog 2011 when I met Vernon again and paid my membership fee. That was the signal that I am already a CBSi member proud CBSi member.

CBSi members Mikyu, Jorich, and Jessa happily welcomed me to the CBSi family.
Today, I am proud to say that I am now a Cebu Bloggers Society, Incorporated member. I would like to express my thanks to my blogger friends who are CBS members. Now, I can call you my CBSi family!


Mr. Tambay <--- Proud CBSi Member!