PGT Audience Experience = Something Worth Remembering!

Posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

January 27, 2011 - I thought this day will be just an ordinary day for me; Classes in the morning, full-time internet or SSG work in the afternoon, and bonding with friends in the evening. But a text  message from Darla Loyloy turned this ordinary day to a day worth remembering. A text message that made 12 friends of mine happy, and me, SUPER HAPPY!
This mighty piece of paper is our savior from an ordinary day!
I received a text message from Darla. She was looking for people who want to witness the Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Auditions at SM Cinema 1. I texted my classmates right away to check if somebody wants to go with me, but they were too busy that time.  My last resort was to go alone, but when I passed the main building stairs, I saw a pool of IT-3 students whom I know. I invited them to come with me to SM and watch PGT Auditions live. I called Darla to ask for 12 tickets and she happily said yes to 12 tickets. They were very ecstatic to hear the news that the only thing needed to witness PGT Auditions live is our presence.

We arrived at SM via KMK Bus. We joined the line of people like us, wanting to be the audience of the auditions. Finally, Darla, who was a PGT Staff (OJT), gave us the tickets, not 12 tickets, but 13 TICKETS! So we called for 1 more person to join us.

The Girls: Karen, Pinky, Fedz, CHARI, Era, and Joy.
The Guys: Arneil, Markie, Kenneth, The Handsome!, Renz, Andro
After almost an hour of waiting, the staff finally decided to let us in. Those with tickets were being prioritized, of course, it includes us. We had a little problem finding a spot because the PGT Staff didn't allow us at first to be seated at the deluxe area of Cinema 1 due to the reason that the Premiere must be fully occupied first before allowing the Deluxe to be occupied, but later on, he gave us the permission to position ourselves there.

The Stage. I can't wait for those X's to turn RED! =P
They had fun because of the invitation. I was more than HAPPY because of HER PRESENCE.
Happily seated behind HER.
Before the actual auditions started, the PGT Staff decided to do a dry-run for us to be oriented. After which, a little entertainment was thrown and our company, Kenneth was being summoned to the front to participate in the dance showdown.

Dance Showdown before the Auditions.
After hours of waiting, AGAIN, the auditions finally started. Luis and Billy showed up from the backstage, and the camera starts to roll.

Luis and Billy doing their thang!
As much as I want to post photos of my favorites during that audition, I don't want to spoil the fun. So, I preferred not to show photos of audition pieces. Meanwhile, we spotted a proud Cebuano who auditioned last PGT Season 1, sitting just beside us!

SPOTTED! Too bad I forgot his name.
The show ended at around 10 pm already. We parted ways and went straight to home. My companies thanked me for the invite. In return, I also thanked them for accompanying me to watch it. To Renz, Joy, Era, Fedz, Andro, Markie, Marjun, Kenneth, Arneil, and Pinky, thank you for the company. To Darla, a big thank you for the tickets. And to CHARI, thank you for putting a smile in my face and in my heart. CHAR!

Photos courtesy of Arneil