Cebu Blog Camp Year 2!

Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

It's back and it's fast approaching! The biggest gathering of bloggers, tumblrers, plurkers, tweeters, facebookers, piclyfers, and social media aficionados in Cebu is finally here! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Cebu Blog Camp 2011!

Cebu Blog Camp, or CBC, is considered to be the largest converge of bloggers in Cebu. This is annually organized by Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement, the educating leg of Philippine Blog Awards.
Last year, I was part of the kick-off. This year, me and hundreds of bloggers here in Cebu and nearby places will get together this coming May 28, 2011 at Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City.

Cebu Blog Camp is such a memorable event for me. You know why I love this event? Here are the reasons why:

1. Last year's Cebu Blog Camp was the first-ever blog event that I attended. It was the avenue for me as a first-time blogger to meet seasoned bloggers, probloggers, and even newbies like me. This year, it is another chance for me to get to know them better offline. Read my post about last year's camp on my old blog:

During the 1st Cebu Blog Camp.
2. Like what I wrote on the first reason, this is a perfect zone to socialize with bloggers here in Cebu, and even, other places in the Philippines. This is the perfect time to mingle with them, gain more friends, and share each others thoughts and knowledge about blogging.

Group picture of Cebu Blog Camp 2010
3. Speaking of knowledge, this is also the right spot to hone your skills as a blogger. Cebu Blog Camp caters talks about blogging 101. This year, CBC will give learning to different blogging niches, a perfect time for me to find my own niche!

4. This year, I will be attending CBC as a Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. member. Back then, I was just 6-days-old blogger. It was also during CBC 2010 when I saw how CBSi's camaraderie looks like. Now, I am on my 1 year in blogging and before, I can only see it, now, I can feel the CBSi's fellowship. I hope in the Year 3, I can help the CBSi in organizing CBC III.

5. To wrap it all up, CBC is a good venue for learning, friendship, and fun! That is why I am so excited to join Year 2 because I can't wait to feel what I felt last year, and expect more will come on the way!

Can't handle the Cebu Blog Camp fever? Register now!


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