Coffee Dream A.S. Fortuna Branch

Posted on Friday, June 17, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Aside from the library, students nowadays are now using coffee shops as study avenues. Students invented the idea of pairing studies with a coffee. As a student, studying in coffee shops is a relaxing and it also helps in my retention. It is indeed true that Filipinos are coffee lovers.

Last June 14, 2011, bloggers were invited to try the newest branch of Coffee Dream, the Coffee Dream A.S. Fortuna Branch, just near the Benedicto College. Together with fellow bloggers, we were so privileged to try their new place and taste their products.

Coffee Dream A.S. Fortuna Branch. Photo by

Coffee Dream's outdoor appearance expresses simplicity and neatness. When you get inside, sophisticated interior designs made by Kenneth Cobonpue will welcome you along with the nice and cordial staff. The color combination of brown, white and a neon color contributes to the coffee experience of their costumers because it compliments to the color of the coffee itself, which is something good. Plus the fact that the area is conducive for any relaxing activity, so enjoying coffee while studying, chilling, or just killing time, Coffee Dream can be your crib for that.

Not only that, Coffee Dream also offers free WIFI service to all its costumers so you can do all your work-related stuffs or update all your social-networking sites. 1 thing I like is their comfort room. It is literary like a home comfort room! The space is big, the color matches the theme, and is cozy. Too bad I don't have a photo.

Coffee Dream's Ice Coffee Frappe.

OK. Enough for the place, time to go to the juicy part, the  FOOD! For those of you who don't know, Coffee Dream offers localized coffee. They are very proud that the coffee beans they use are grown from the Philippine soil. They also offer Coffee Based and Non-Coffee Based Chilled Blends. During the Bloggers' Coffeeklatsch, I chose Iced Coffee Frappe. Aside from coffees and drinks, they also serve breakfast meals, pastas, sandwiches, and cakes. We tasted the Caramel Cake, Spinach Linguine, and Meat Lasagna. The Caramel Cake tastes like an ice cream cake, and you can really feel the caramel flavor of the cake lingering into your taste buds. The Spinach Linguine tastes good as well despite its appearance. The combination of linguine pasta, mushrooms, spinach and meat gives balance to its taste and its nutrition value. I pity the Meat Lasagna because it was being devoured without mercy. It has more meat and it works well with the paired bread.

Cool enough right? Well check this out. Coffee Dream don't mind costumers staying in their shop for hours. Coffee experience in a coffee shop is not achieve for only an hour or less. Coffee Dream believes the joy of their costumers depends on their time. So if you want to enjoy your coffee while surfing the net for 4 hours, or just counting the number of vehicles passing by outside, do it the Coffee Dream way!

To some it up, Coffee Dream A.S. Fortuna Branch can be your daily habit. The idea of sophisticated coffee experience matched with delightful cakes, pasta and sandwich is really giving their costumers a peaceful and healthy coffee consumption. Although the place is not venue-wise, I still believe that Coffee Dream can tap the people who are not exposed to the wonder of coffee shops. For me, Coffee Dream got a score of 8 out of 10.