Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Everybody knows him. From the blue-and-red colored costume, to the big red cape in his back, to the extraordinary powers he possess. No doubt, he is the MOST POPULAR superhero in the comic world.

But this post does not talk about that mighty superhero with his brief outside his pants. This post is all about me! This post related my current scenario to that Kryptonian who got his fame because of his briefs.

So, here's the thing. I am an Electronics and Communications Engineering student, and currently on my final lap. Which means, harder subjects, more projects, more pressure, higher tuition, the dreading mock board exam, and the fear of the possibility that I can't graduate. To me, these are the villains of my college life. And to defeat and overcome them, I need the necessary powers. Study habits that works like heat vision to melt away the freezing procrastination, superhuman strength to fight the evil quizzes, assignments, and major exams, and wicked x-ray vision to have a more view of my seatmate's answers. <--- Waaahh! Just kidding!

Next in line is my extra-curricular side. I am currently elected as an ECE Representative for the CIT University Supreme Student Government, a member of the Grievances and Concerns Committee, an IECEP member, a proud member of the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., and the Internal Events Officer of CBSi. There are some of my duties that I am already familiar of like being in the SSG and IECEP, but being the Events Coordinator is new to me, and I must say, it is a very, very big responsibility hanged to my poor shoulders. I am not complaining because of the job description but I'm afraid that I can't give my all in the said task since I still have my academics and other matters. It's like fighting a villain while another villain is out to destroy the town. Sometimes I wish I have Superman's superhuman speed so that I can do thing simultaneously, but the real secret to this is time-management.

On the cue is my camaraderie skills. Honestly speaking, I am having difficulties with my ability to have friends, maintain friends, and bring back the friendship. It's like Superman with no friends... wait! That's too harsh. It's like Superman with less friends.Now I have to do something for this thing.

Our family picture. I hate to share it because of my face but I can't find another so, sacrifice.
Not to mention my family affair. FYI guys, I have 3 older sisters. The 1st and 3rd flew to Singapore to scout for money while the 2nd is now happily married, which leaves me the remaining offspring of my parents currently living with them. Although there is an advantage for this setting because all your parent's attention goes to you alone, but there are some instances that I cry in my room because I miss my princesses. To me, my family is my Kryptonite. Oh well!

But I am not Superman. I am Mr. Tambay. I may not be like him who can fly, run fast, melt ice with his eyesight, see through walls, and deflect bullets, but I can do things he and his cape can't do. Wanna know it? Just let me know because if I will to enumerate it all, it might take you days to actually finish reading this post.

I don't consider myself a busy type of guy because I know there are people out there who works harder than me. If I were them, I would think that the activities above are just found in the tip of the finger. That's why I salute them. KUDOS!
As for me, I don't want myself to be defeated by any villain nor kryptonite itself. From this day on, I have to boost up my confidence. Because of this, I know that I will soar high and reach my goals. =D