Good Vibes Getting More Intense!

Posted on Sunday, June 5, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

10 episodes have past since Good Vibes was first aired, and since then, I never stopped watching this addicting show. Because of this show, my Sunday afternoons are more exciting than it was before.

I just watched the 10th episode of GV and I was amazed by its new OBB (Opening Billboard), feautiring the casts. To whoever made the OBB, kudos to you! While watching the episode, I felt sad when Troy left the Pedroza residence because he can't handle the situation anymore, but other than that, I was also amazed by the Marc's bravery when he confessed the truth to his family and to one of the Board of Northbridge Academy. That act of Marc is something to follow because he swallowed his pride and tried  to correct things right. I hope I can also do the same thing Marc did on that episode. Now here's the crazy part. It happened on the scene when Mr. Pedroza and Marc tried to convince Troy to go home since the latter took off and went to his bestfriend, Maribeth. During that scene, I don't know why but I CRIED (Now this is embarrasing!). It seems like I felt something out of that scene. Overall, the 10th episode deserves a CLAP-CLAP! Can't wait for the 11th!

Good Vibes Cast (Male) Photo from Good Vibes Official Fan Page.
Good Vibes Cast (Female) Photo from Good Vibes Official Fan Page.

The Home Page of the Petition Site
Due to its increasing public demand, Direk Lauren Dyogi decided to extend the airing of the show. After this announcement, GV fans, including me, rejoiced. But they were not contented, instead, the made a petition site to request for SEASON 2! The qouta is 30,000 LIKES before June 19, 2011. Since I like this series, I am supporting this move. If that happens, I am expecting for MORE CHARACTERS and MORE TWIST in the lives of Troy and Marc. Let's make 30k likes guys! Visit this site now at

Well, if the petition won't be granted, I will be sad but it's OK. Good Vibes really give its viewers the meaning of its title. If it will be granted, then, it's time to smash the PiƱata!

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