I am very sorry, Mr. Tambay...

Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Yeah! Another semester is done. Another semester went into the roster of my past struggles and one more semester to go before I reach the final goal of the race - GRADUATION!

This recent semester was really the most difficult semester for my academic life because of some reasons: First, I was diagnosed with mild tuberculosis so my diet was very limited. It was indeed very challenging for me because I was not allowed to sleep late, eat foods that can cause allergies and be stressed. The feeling when you can't do things that you normally do is very terrible because I feel so impaired. But don't worry about me anymore because the treatment was already finished right before the semester ended, and the result of my post-X-ray was something to brag about: RADIOLOGICALLY NORMAL CHEST.

Second, this semester made me realize that combining your academics to your extra-curricular activities is difficult. For those of you who don't know, I am elected as ECE Representative of CIT University - Supreme Student Government and I am now on a 5th Year ECE student. Doing the pending projects for my major subjects plus fulfilling my responsibility as an SSG officer is a tough work. My studies is my priority over SSG since I came to school to study but I took an oath that I will do my duties and responsibilities as an SSG officer. Good thing I was able to manage my time.

Third, my commitment as a CBSi member just went down miserably. Due to the intensive attention that my academics badly need, I was left with no choice but to set aside the group for the mean time to focus on my studies.Plus the fact that I was not able to deliver my task well when I volunteered myself to write about "pungko-pungko" for Yahoo! Philippines, that is something negative that I contributed to the organization. But it's never too late to make up for my not-so-long absence.

And the fourth and last reason why this semester is very painful for me just happened during the last month of the semester. It was a Friday when suddenly, my laptop was gone from where I placed it last. My hypothesis is it was stolen. And the sad, sad news end up getting sadder because the case was not resolved. I've told my family about this and thank God they were so receptive. Since I don't have a laptop, it is really hard for me to do school stuffs and other tasks, especially blogging. I wonder where my laptop is right now.

So for that 4 reasons, it is my duty to apologize to my blog for not updating you with some juicy, and not-so-juicy, posts because the truth is, I was caught up with my situation last semester. So many things happened last semester like the Japanime 2.0 during Intramurals, the ECE Mock Board Exam which I placed 9th, the Ringhop Ceremony, which I consider a batch success, and a whole lot more. I know I can't attend to you this coming 2nd semester but I promise that I will make it up to you after I graduate. Thank you and I love you!

Sincerely yours, Mark Anthony Razonable.