Pinoy Bidding at Bilibid

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Bidding is one of the thing that I dread to do when I was a kid because it needs a very big amount to money to enjoy it. Although I find it fun whenever I watch auction scenes in TV series, in movies, and in real life, I still don't want to venture into it because of fear.

But since everything is already accessible through the Internet, that made bidding possible online. Various auction sites have already sprouted like mushrooms and millions of people all over the world are now addicted to online bidding, which also includes Filipinos.

Today, a new auction site is made exclusively for Filipino bidders! Logo is the newest bidding website made by Filipinos for Filipinos. Don't be fooled by its name because I tell you, this is not the official website of a famous penitentiary here in the Philippines. It comes from 2 different, yet familiar words for a bidder, "bili" which is the Filipino term for "buy" and "bid" which means "to offer a certain sum as the price one will pay or charge.", just like other auction sites, offers the same service; buy bid points, bid using them, and pay the bid price once you win, or buy the item with its corresponding market value. But when you visit the site, it is sophisticated and mess-free. Page 1 Bid Page. This is where the action happens.
Items at stake in are worth fighting for. You might win GCs from different establishments, extra bid points for added bidding fun, and cool gadgets for a very incredible low price. I tried it once, and I almost won a camera and an external memory.

Bid Points Denominations.
Talking about bid points, you can also buy bid points depending on their denominations. For example, if you buy 5 bid points, it means that 1 bid point is equals to Php 20. But if you want to buy the 500 bid points, it means that you spent Php 5 for every bid point. Therefore, I suggest buying the bigger denominations because it can save you some cash :D.

After my online bidding experience with fellow CBSi members, my point of view about bidding, whether it is in the auction house or online, has changed. After that experience, I realized that I want to try online bidding again.

If you want to experience Pinoy bidding in Bilibid, just visit Like also their official Facebook Fan Page and follow them in Twitter. For more informations and further questions, e-mail the Bilibid Warden at