Why Tibiao Fish Spa perfect this Summer?

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

What's your plan for Summer 2012? Wanting to hit the beach? Or go visit your love ones at your provinces? Sounds cool right, but it's very costly!

Now I'm gonna share to you this very nice treatment from Tibiao Fish Spa that is very budget-friendly, relaxing, and very near the city.

I am talking about Tibiao Fish Spa's exfoliating summer package. The package comes in 3 bundles: Enhance Me, Rejuvinate Me, and Pamper Me.
Enhance Me (Php 300):
Enhance Me comes with a 30-minute classic fish spa, then followed by a 30-minute foot reflexology.
Mr. Tambay and FaceCebu trying out the Classic Fish Spa. Photo by Mikyu.
Relaxing Foot Reflexology.
The treatment starts by washing your feet before dipping it with the friendly therafishes. After 30 minutes of stay with your new friends, you will meet a new friend that will give you a foot reflexology like no other. Need proof? See the picture above! :D

Rejuvenate Me (Php 350):
This is just like the Enhance Me package; a 30-minute classic fish spa and a massage, but in the upper body area (shoulders, back, and head).
IFancy and FaceCebu enjoying the Upper Body Massage.

A proof that it is, indeed, one-of-a-kind! Photo by Mikyu
Pamper Me(Php 450):
This package comes with a 60-minute VIP fish spa and a 30-minute foot reflexology. When I talk about VIP fish spa, it mean comfortable seating, personalized aquarium, privacy and a glass of malunggay tea.

VIP Fish Spa Area.
A free malunggay tea for added relaxation.
Comfortable Seat + Own Aquarium + Privacy + Malunggay Tea = Total Relaxation! Photo by Mikyu
A glass of malunggay tea to spice up your exfoliating experience.
If you're really that budget-conscious, you can always try the Relax Me package. This package offers 30-minutes of classic fish spa experience for only Php 150 and VIP fish spa for only Php 300. How's that for a relaxation?

After I present you the Tibiao Summer Idea, do you still want to spend more for a common summer? Why go for expensive spa treatments when you can get an extraordinary one just  right inside the vicinity of a mall?

Visit Tibiao Fish Spa now and experience an exfoliating, fishpalaxing experience.

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