Government employees, why you don't treat nicely?

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

Before I was having second thoughts about them, but one personal situation of mine urged me to write about this.

I don't question the process, but the manners. We don't care if we wait for hours just to get a government document, just as long as during the process of getting it, you treat us nicely. We didn't wait for hours to be scolded for something that we didn't even do.

And most of all, why do you have to be like that? I'm not saying that all government agencies have mean employees, but the idea that they're mean is not good for a government agency. For us, it seems that your office is not approachable in the first place. There are government offices who serve the people with smiles on their faces, why can't the other agencies do the same?

I made this post for the sole purpose, to serve as a wake-up call for those offices who treat people like prisoners. It is not hard to put a smile in your face while doing your tasks. So, I suggest you practice it before it is too late.