The Therapy behind Tibiao Fish Spa

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

If you haven't tried the exfoilating experience in Tibiao Fish Spa, then I hope that after reading this post, you will visit Tibiao right away.

For those who already experienced it, if you thought that Tibiao Fish Spa is only about dipping your feet in a water container with therafishes or a good massage by blind masseurs, well then, there's a secret behind that. And that's what I'm sharing you now.

What I'll share to you in this post is the therapy behind Tibiao Fish Spa experience, and that's what we call TRANSFER THERAPY in the fishes and in the massage.

Transfer Therapy in the fishes is very literal. When you dip your feet and the therafishes eat the dead skin in your feet, you also transfer the stress in your body, and the fishes get it. But the sad part is, the fishes die after the transfer, but it will take time. That's why it is called "therafish", because it is therapy fish.

Transfer therapy via massage is something that I didn't expect that it exists. After giving a great massage, the masseurs will touch a plant. Transfer therapy happens when the masseur gives you a massage, and the masseur touches the plant. The stress in your body will be transferred to the masseur's hands, and to prevent from feeling the stress from you, the masseurs will transfer it to the plants, and later on, the plants will wither.

Two different ways to achieve the Transfer Therapy, it can be found in Tibiao Fish Spa. Visit TFS now at 3rd floor, SM City Cebu.

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