Amar Delon = Passion

Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

If there's a word that can describe passion, I couldn't give one. Instead, I can give out a name, and that's Amar Delon.

For your information guys, Amar Delon is an actor, director, screenwriter and TV and film producer in Malaysia, but knowing also that he is also a certified neuro-linguistic practitioner, a timeline therapist, and a hypnotherapist, I can conclude that his manner of acting, directing and writing the scripts is way too different that any ordinary ones. I think that he does this to give a big impact to his audience and by applying what he knows in neuro-linguistics and hypnotherapy to multimedia is a great combination to be a unique actor/director/producer/screenwriter.

As I was saying, passion is what keeps Amar Delon rolling in all his endeavors. The fact that he is an actor, writer, director, and producer at the same time, I can't imagine how difficult and stressful it is to do these tasks  simultaneously, but because of Amar's passion for acting, writing, and making films, he was able to manage these incredible jobs without a sweat.

Not only does he have passion in multimedia, but also in helping others to achieve success. He has been to countries as an international motivational speaker, educating people from different races that success is within one's reach, it is up to us if we want to grab it or not. He also stressed out in his book: "Have You Found Yourself Yet?" that failure is just a hurdle of challenge and every challenge hides an opportunity.

This coming July, 2012, he will be the the keynote speaker for the P.U.S.H Power Events 2012 happening on July 14, 2012 (whole day) at the Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Hotel Cebu and on July 15, 2012 (half day) at the Ballroom of Parklane Hotel.

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