Big Screen Entertainment Movie House and Kinect: Watching and Kinecting with Fun!

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

Let's say you want to throw a party with your friends, but you don't have a place to chill. Well, if you want a dance/game party or a movie party, then head on to Big Screen Entertainment Movie House and Kinect.

Big Screen Entertainment Movie House and Kinect is a new place to hang out with friends on a movie treat or to enjoy with Kinect games. It is located at the 3rd floor of M2 Building, Escario Corner Clavano Street, Cebu City.

And since this is a movie house, you will expect a lot of movies to choose from. You can choose from up-to-date movies, original Pinoy movies, talk-of-the-town movies, popular movies, and all sorts of movies. And you will not worry about the quality of these movies because all of them are Blueray Discs, so expect that you will be able to watch quality movies with quality resolutions. The 3 movie rooms are very big and comes with comfortable seating and equipped with a very big screen, no wonder why it is called "Big Screen Entertainment" because you can experience quality entertainment with the help of a big screen.

And did I just mention about the Kinect? Big Screen Entertainment Movie House and Kinect, apparently has Kinect rooms. 3 Kinect rooms that are equipped, again, with big screens, comfortable seating, and enough space for quality Kinect. And if you're concern is the game that you want to play in Kinect, don't worry! You can also choose from different Kinect games Big Screen Entertainment prepared: dancing games, sports games, exercise simulations, and rumble fighting.

The party is not complete without food, and of course, Big Screen Entertainment has it for you. Snacks are available anytime if you feel that you are ready to munch in. Now with food on the table, your movie party or Kinect party is already complete and all you need to do is enjoy.

Big Screen Entertainment is open from 3 PM - 12 MN (Sundays to Thursdays) and 2 PM - 2 AM (Fridays and Saturdays).

Room Rates:

- Room Charge: P400/movie, good for 5 person*
- Extra Person Charge: P50/movie/person*

- Room Charge: P450/movie, good for 5 person*
- Extra Person Charge: P70/movie/person*

*additional charge of P150 for movies exceeding 2 hours.of screen time.

- Room Charge: P350/hour, good for 6 person
- Extra Person Charge: P30/hour/person**

**charged only for the first 2 hours.