Mactan Newton: Bringing Eastwood to Cebu! (Photos)

Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

I haven't been to Eastwood City, but I think I won't be needing to go there because its counterpart will be built in the lands of Mactan, Cebu: The Mactan Newtown Cebu!

The Eastwood City of Cebu, Mactan Newtown

Mactan Newtown is a latest township situated in Lapu-Lapu City owned by Megaworld. And just like I said, it will be build after Eastwood City, making it the Eastwood City of Cebu. It is going to be a hub of BPO companies, condominiums and residential areas, hotels and resorts, and soon will be the cause of traffic.It will also be the venue for different concerts of local and international artists, just like what is Eastwood City is right now.

  • The biggest McDonald's branch in Cebu will be built here.
  • It will host a special economic zone just like that of Eastwood.
  • A loading and unloading area for PUJs.
  • Mango Festival for the community.
  • Resorts and Malls.
Now what separates Mactan Newtown from Eastwood City? As seen in the features, there will be mango trees in the entire township, and they will soon organize a Mango Festival and will make it an annual event.

Soon, this property will be visible in the Map of Cebu.
Model of the condominium that will be built as part of Mactan Newtown property.
Sample room of the condominiums.
The location of the soon-to-be biggest McDonalds in Cebu
Residential Area of Mactan Newtown. To me, it looks like the houses found in Latin Countries.
Hotel inside Mactan Newtown.
Huge empty lot that will soon be the ground for a condominium. On the left side is a line of mango trees.