PUSH Power Event Highlights

Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

Last July 14, 2012, over 3000 students from different schools were powered with power tips for them to be ready for the working world as they attend P.U.S.H Power Events 2012 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino.

The event started with a welcome remarks by Ms. Lorelei "Mai" Miscala, Director for Admin and Marketing of AD Access Worldwide (in behalf of the Cebu City Mayor, Michael Rama, who was apparently late, and a blast opening dance by the students of Saint Paul College Foundation, Inc. I myself as a Paulinian during my highschool days, and I am so proud to see the big improvement that the school is showcasing right now. All the people in the venue were so amazed and fascinated with the cultural opening dance they performed. Ms. Mai also left the audience with meaningful words that I like: "You can get all the things that I currently have, I can rebuilt it better than it was."
Dancers from Saint Paul College Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Mai giving her welcome remarks.
To share about a power-packed resume, Ms. Jodelyn Mae Seno, an expert in Human Resource Industry, came to the stage as the first speaker. She shared to the students that companies nowadays are reviewing more resumes that before just to get a bigger chance of getting a suitable candidate for a certain job.

Ms. Seno during her talk.
Ms. Seno also stressed out that achievements are a cutting-edge in employment and building a network is a plus. She also gave tips to student on how to build networks, like attending seminars, writing articles and publishing it, speaking up, making oneself known, and doing a first-class job.

Ms. Seno also gave tips on how to have a good resume:
1.) Address the resume to a particular person in name. That means, you have to do some intensive RESEARCH!
2.) Make tips either in chronological form or functional form.
3.) Basic information must always be available. Remember, your resume is your ticket to that company, so better sell yourself using your resume so that the company will buy it.

Mayor Rama giving the students an inspiration.

After Ms. Seno's talk, Michael Rama, Mayor of Cebu City, arrived, despite of being late,  and went to the stage to encourage the students to strive hard because the youth today is the hope of tomorrow. He even relate his talk to a song by Whitney Houston "Greatest Love of All" which the students easily related.

Ms. Mai on stage once again, this time, giving her talk about power personality.

Ms. Lorelei "Mai" Miscala, Co-Founder and Director for Admin and Marketing of AD Access Worldwide, was the second speaker of the event. Her talk was focused about building a power personality. According to her, it is very important that you appear physically attractive, you have the poise and posture, and your speech and interpersonal communication is above the rest. She also said that the most important factor in applying is the person itself, and attitude is what makes you bring to your 100%.

Jesse Glova
Jesse Glova, 2011 Most Outstanding Make-Up Artist, shared his tips on applying make-up. He said that your best make-up is your skin and it should be well taken care of. He strongly stressed out that make-up is also for men. 2 lucky students, 1 male and 1 female, were given free make-up treat right on the spot by Glova's team.

The lucky girl who was given an on-the-spot make-up treat
Glova also shared that beauty is all from within. He said that by looking good, you feel positive, and the positivity is being passed on once you feel beautiful inside. Glova also said that you must put time and effort to look good all the time.

Ms. Matunog, the fourth speaker of the event with a talk about Budgeting and Saving.

The fourth speaker, Ms. Maria Estrella Matunog, is a Registered Financial Consultant and a member of Million Dollar Round Table. She taught the students on proper budgeting and ways of saving. She taught many method of saving, but the best thing that she said is when she told the crowd that an investment in knowledge is the best investment.

One of the highlights of the event is a fashion show called Power Fashion, showcasing different business attires worn by students so that the audience can get an idea on what to wear during interviews and work. I'm sharing the 4 of the photos I liked during the fashion show.

Mr. Amar Delon, the CEO of AD Access Worldwide and an International Motivational Speaker, was the final speaker of the event. He was very active and he managed to make the crowd active by dancing right in front of the students.

Mr. Amar Delon, very active at the stage.

Amar Delon, during his talk, said that whatever degree you finished, it's not the degree that counts, it's the person behind the degree. He also told the students that they must know how to move to the groove of the situation. He even let the students write their sad story on a piece of paper, and let them tear the paper into pieces, reminding them not forget that sad story and move on and create a new and happy story.