A Visit at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel

Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

July 30, 2012 - This was the day the CBSi July Monthly meeting was set. Before the meeting, I was at Cebu Normal University to cheer up my teammates because the 6th Visayas Mindanao Debate Championships. When I was already witnessing the debate battle between my teammates and 3 other teams from different schools, I enjoyed it so much that it made me think of not attending the meeting instead. But since I already committed to the meeting first before witnessing the VMDC, I had to attend for the sake of professionalism. So yeah, I made my way to Starbucks SM Northwing to meet my CBSi mates for the meeting.

At Starbucks, I met my fellow CBSi bloggers and when we were already complete, we went straight to Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, accompanied by a staff from Costabella named Timmy via a coaster the hotel prepared for us.

Upon reaching Costabella, I was amazed because the entrance was not really a typical hotel/resort entrance. It is more likely a rest house type of entrance. The ambiance really feels like you are not in a beach hotel.

And after our meeting, the bosses of Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel happily gave us a tour around the property.

The rooms are the ones that you will never forget once you visit Costabella. Packed with stunning interiors, wonderful works of art, a comfortable bed, and a nice view from the window, I consider Costabella is one place where you can find peace.

And this is what I really like about Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, their Lema Filipino Spa. Just by passing the entrance, you can really smell the scent coming from the spa, and its really inviting. Of course, just like the rooms, Lema Filipino Spa is also stuffed with ornaments that are truly Filipino.

And here's an awesome view from the windows of the rooms at Costabella.

Overall, Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel really lives to what they boast, a place good for the entire family. Great place to stay, and not to mention the food is heaven! If you think that I am faking these stuffs, then I dare you to visit Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel for yourself and let's judge who's telling the truth.