Posted on Friday, August 10, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

What happened in the northern part of the Philippines is very unexpected. Big flood was the result of the series of rain, and it was even worse than what happened when the typhoon Ondoy striked the Philippines. I cannot picture out what exactly happened there because Cebu was very, very hot when the disaster happened.

During the typhoon Sendong and the earthquake in Visayas, the people of Luzon unconditionally helped the victims of the said disasters. Now, it is our time to help. The Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. knocks the hearts of every Filipino and even non-Filipinos to extend their help to the victims of the Luzon calamity. And by social media, we can help them stand up, through #visayashelpsPH.

How can you exactly help? You can help in three ways:

1.) Help us in spreading these emergency contact information (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4067651528628&set=a.4066771586630.2181187.1202518861&type=3) by blogging and/or sharing it. The page includes Person Finder wherein you can find friends and missing citizens and direct the immediate help they need to them. It also includes information about government agencies that can be tapped if help is highly necessary.

2.) CBSi is setting aside its 10% of its fund from the membership fee and UNILAB medicines as donations for the affected people. Should you have any kind of donations, feel free to contact us. We will update you about our official drop off locations, so for the mean time, visit our official site at www.cebubloggers.com if you want to donate.

3.) We are asking for your extra funds for the benefit of the people of Luzon. You can transfer any amount through CBSi's official PayPal account. To donate, click the "Donate" icon found below. Please use the title my donation #visayashelpsPH when donating.

They may have experienced an unforgettable havoc, but we can help in pulling them up. Remember, a country can succeed once we work together. Let's help our brothers and sisters for them to enjoy their life after the Luzon disaster.