Review Break at Mactan Isla Resort

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by Mr. Tambay

My mind has been very full of numbers, variables, formulas, and terms related to my field of endeavor, Electronics Engineering, lately. So when the review center gave us 1 week of break from review, I unconditionally decided that I need to get out of the city.

Since I won an overnight stay for 2 with free breakfast at Mactan Isla Resort during the Social Media Day in Cebu last June 30, 2012, I decided to bring a friend and spent the weekend there. We arrived at around 4 pm of Saturday. Upon arriving there, we noticed that all of the guests are Koreans, thinking that maybe me and my friend are the only Filipino guests here. So I told my friend maybe this is the hotter version of Korea. We took the bed for some rest upon arriving in our room.

Front Desk

Our Room
A view from the top.
Declaring that I have gained enough energy again, I decided to lurk around the resort and check our their place.

A scene inside the building.

Me and my friend thinks this is a craft done by Kenneth Cobonpue.

Hotel Lobby

Villa part of the Resort, which is very interesting.

Igloo-like rooms that are really, really interesting!

Swimming gets more exciting at the Villa area.

Restobar Heaven.
Night came, and we went outside to have our dinner and to buy something to munch in the room as well. After we had our dinner and took some rest for about half an hour, me and my friend thought that nothing beats a night swimming at the pool. So, we changed our outfits and rushed our way to the pool.

The pool by night.
Morning of the next day came, and we went downstairs for our breakfast. I was already thinking of that delicious soup they had when I first came here for the Social Media Day in Cebu celebration, and my eyes sparkled when I saw the said soup. And adding to my favorites is their breaded chicken found in the picture below. Too bad the rice is just 3 scoops for me :P

With all Korean people around you and knowing that you are the only Filipino in the room, it made me think  "Am I really in Cebu?"

Great food for the Monster Tambay.

The soup that takes like heaven.
We stayed in the room until 10 AM, and the checked out and went home.

Comments during my stay:

I understand that Mactan Isla Resort and Spa is a baby resort in Mactan, so it needs to improvements, that's why I'm giving my comments. First to comment is the ratio of the room size and the air conditioner. I am so overwhelmed because the room given to us is very big compared to what I expect, but unfortunately, the room was too big for the aircon to ventilate it properly, provided that the coolest temperature the aircon can provide is only up to 18 degrees Celcius. Its either limit the size of the room or change the air conditioner to a powerful one, whichever is cheaper. I also found out that there were no room slippers allocated in our room. It is expected for a hotel/resort to have these slippers, right? But I give the benefit of the starter for Mactan Isla Resort and Spa for this matter.

More on the good side this time. What I think is the highlight of my stay is the swimming pool. Night swimming was my most favorite part, because I love swimming in particular, and the pool's chlorine concentration is fair enough. the depth of the pool is also considerable because it allowed me to play more at the bottom of the pool, which I do everytime I'm in the pool (That's why I prefer deeper pools of about 6-8 feet, or even 10 feet!). Second, I also love how their resort lobby looks. It's elegant and extraordinary compared to the hotel lobbies that I already visited so far. Best seating was the hanging seat which we hypothetically guessed its by Kenneth Cobonpue. Thirdly, no one will even deny that people love food. The soup is what I consider the heaven in Mactan Isla.

So yeah, I hope you like this post about my review break escapade at Mactan Isla Resort and Spa. If you want to visit this place, it is located at Agus Road, Ibabao, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.