The Perks of Working in Cebu

Posted on Monday, February 4, 2013 by Mr. Tambay

If you are not from Cebu but you want to make a living here in Cebu, then maybe this post can help you.

I am a fresh graduate, from Cebu and working in Cebu. Before I used to consider working in Manila, but when I found out the perks you get when you work in Cebu, that's the time I reconsidered and chose to make a living here.

My reasons are simple, its because I live here, meaning I have nothing much to spend since I have a house to live with, and with family to spend time with.

But this is post is not about a guy from Cebu who works in Cebu, its about the people from other cities who made their lives here in Cebu.

I have many friends who are from various places (Dumaguete, Bacolod, Davao, Manila, etc.) who are now working here in Cebu. And these are their reasons why they chose to work in Cebu.

First is the economic status of Cebu. Cebu is home of few industries, which includes call center companies. Stream, ePerformax, Convergys, Sykes, and other companies are making their name here in the Queen City of the South. Not only that, Cebu is also named the furniture capital of the country. Cebu has been the home of some of the famous makers of quality furnitures, to mention one is the renowned Kenneth Cobonpue, whos works are now being used by famous artists and personalities, both local and international. Adding to the list of reasons is its hospitality and tourism industry. Over the years, local and foreign tourists have been flocking the island, especially every January because they want to witness the famous Sinulog Festival and be part of the fun. So careers in various industries, especially BPO. furnitures and tourism, is a major hit if you want to work in Cebu.

Another reason is the accommodation. According to them, it is very easy to find cheap rooms for rent here in  Cebu. Ranging from Php 3,000 to Php 4,000, you can now find a descent room to live. But I say, be careful of the places you choose to stay. Cebu may be a cool place, but also consider that there are some parts wherein it's not safe to be there in the first place. So before considering where to stay, do some research first. You don't want to go home from work and always think of your safety while you work in Cebu.

And here's an additional bonus! If you want to relax while you're off duty, various places awaits you. Places like Tops, Magellan's Cross, Fort San Pedro, and others are a good choice when you want to give yourself a break from work. But I tell you, nothing beats the beaches of Cebu. So go hit the beach with your new Cebuano friends and spend your break there. You might want to consider Moalboal in the South, and Malapascua in the North.

Now with the words above, I hope I can see you someday here in Cebu. :)