Mr. Tambay meets Kaye Razel Racho - A Quick Interview

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2011 by Mr. Tambay

Mr. Tambay and Kaye Razel Racho

If you are a self-confessed Kapamilya, then you surely know Kaye Razel Racho. This 19-year-old BS Business Administration Major in Marketing Management Freshmen of CIT University is one of the Top Ten Finalists of the ABS-CBN's “Star Power: Sharon’s Search for the Next Female Pop Superstar”. She was known for her “rocker” aura, but possesses a very sweet personality. 

Although Kaye got eliminated during the search for the Top 6 Finalists, many can still recognize the powerful voice, giving her an identity as the Rocker Chick. I remembered while I was watching an episode and Kaye sang Paramore’s “Decode”, one of the judges commented that her vocal chords is like an amplifier. With a very charming face, and a rock-chick yet cheerful personality, no doubt, Sharon Cuneta is very proud of Kaye.

Friends, I am very lucky because I got the chance to do a quick interview with her during the band concert organized by the CIT University – Supreme Student Government entitled BURAK: Band Showdown For A Cause. Her band Drive Me To Juliet is one of the guest performers of the event. The interview was very quick because being one of the organizers, I must also maintain the control of the event, so to Kaye’s fans, forgive me if I only asked Kaye 5 questions.

Note: The interview was done in Bisaya due to Kaye’s preferences. I just translated it to English so that Kaye Razel Racho fans who can’t understand Bisaya can appreciate.

1.       Being the only Technologian to got into the Top 20, and in the Top 10, of Star Power, what do you feel?

I am very proud because despite the fact that I am the only Technologian to got into the list, I also got the chance to represent CIT University and to show to the whole Philippines what a true Technologian talent is. Actually, I was not serious in joining the auditions. My brother and I were just watching ASAP that time then suddenly commercial flashed on the screen telling us that there is an audition for Star Power. With my brother’s persistence and my bestfriends' influence (Mirai and Hana), I joined the audition. So, I went to the auditions together with my brother and my mom. When the staff told me that I got in, I was so happy!

2.       Describe your feeling when first met Sharon Cuneta in person.

The first time I met Sharon Cuneta, I was so starstrucked! I can’t believe the Mega Star herself is in front of me! For me, Mommy Sharon is one of the LEGENDS in the music industry. To meet her is a dream come true to me.

3.       Who was your bestfriend during the entire competition?

Actually, all of them, from the Top 20 Finalists down to the Top 10, they are all my bestfriends, but I am closest to Jizelle, Krissel, Joy, Macy, and Akiko.

4.       As we all know, Angeline was hailed as the 1st Star Power Grand Champion, what can you say about her victory?

        Angeline, for me, is deserving to win the title not only because she possesses great skills in singing, but also because she’s humble and nice. Angeline and I are good friends, so I am so proud that Angeline won.

5.       How was life after Star Power?

Life after Star Power is hard. Before, I was just a nobody. Now, everybody knows me already, especially here in CIT University. I cannot do thing normally like I used to, like a while ago when you accompanied us to the CR, I am still not used to some security measures given to me (laughs) [We accompanied Kaye and her bestfriends to the comfort room to avoid fans flocking at her.]. No one ever calls me “Kwing2x” anymore, and now my band Drive Me To Juliet is now called Kaye Razel Racho! (laughs) But it is flattering for me because I can feel the warmth of their cheer everytime I perform on stage. I am very thankful for that.

I would like to thank Kaye Razel Racho for the chance of interviewing her, to her bestfriends Mirai and Hana, and to Drive Me To Juliet. Guys, don’t forget to LIKE the Official Facebook Fan Page of Drive Me To Juliet.

Photo credits - Carla Jean Legara